YouTube TV Removed from the Roku store?

By Om Shukla in Channels - February 17, 2022

Is YouTube TV Removed from the Roku store? Has all the tries at amendments and discussions come to an end? Is YouTube TV no more available on the Roku store? Yes, after months of deliberations, Google and Roku have failed to reach an agreement for the Youtube TV app. Roku stated that the live TV streaming service from Google, YouTube TV, has been removed from its channel store because the distribution agreement of the companies has expired. Roku users who earlier installed YouTube TV on their Roku devices can continue to stream it, but new customers cannot sign up for YouTube TV on Roku any longer, nor download the channel if it isn’t already installed.

The main YouTube app on Roku will not be affected though. Roku’s disagreements with Google concerns only the app for YouTube TV, a subscription service that streams live TV channels, generally used as an alternative to cable or satellite. 

When was YouTube TV removed from the Roku store?

YouTube TV’s removal from Roku’s store is said to be an escalation of a rift between the two technology giants. Google is one of the most powerful companies in tech, with a monopoly of markets like internet search engines and advertising. It is so strong it has faced a host of investigations into monopoly abuse. Roku is a lot smaller as a company, but it has risen as one of the leading forces in streaming TV distribution. This area has only seen growth in recent times, both in popularity and opportunity as a result of the pandemic. Amongst all this back and forth, however, YouTube TV got removed from the Roku store on 9th December.

What is Youtube TV?

Youtube TV was Launched by Google in 2017 as a subscription service that offers over 80 live channels. These channels include the basic options that you expect from any TV service.  ABC, CBS, PBS along with many more niche channels, like ESPN, HGTV, and TNT all are included.

The exact list of channels you will get in it changes depending upon your location. You have an option to get a preview of your channels by entering the zip code of where you live on the YouTube TV’s welcome page.

You can add any number of premium channels to your account by paying some extra monthly fees. The list for these includes channels like HBO, STARZ, and Showtime. Along with that a Sports Plus, Add-on is also available that lets you add over a dozen dedicated sports channels.

If in case, live TV isn’t really what you like, YouTube TV also offers you a large collection of on-demand shows and movies to watch whenever you like.

Also, every YouTube TV subscription comes with a limitless amount of cloud DVR storage. This feature helps you record almost any live TV show or movie and then watch it whenever you prefer. You will also be able to use features like rewind, fast forward, and pause for the content that you’ve recorded.

The YouTube TV Workaround for Roku Devices

If you still want to watch Youtube TV on Roku then you can do it by following these steps:

You will have to make sure that you have the YouTube app already downloaded from the Roku Channel Store.

In the YouTube app simply click on the option Go to YouTube TV in the left-hand side menu of the Youtube app.

If you haven’t done this already, you will have to sign in to the YouTube TV app.

If you want to know more, then you can find it in YouTube TV’s Help Center.

If you want an alternative way, 

Google has given you an option that you also can use your mobile device or tablet to cast YouTube TV onto your Roku device.

It is an extra step that may seem like a hassle, but it shall be good enough for you.

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Alternatives to Youtube TV

  • Hulu with Live TV:

 This service is a combination of Hulu along a full television streaming service. It gives you 65+ channels and a 50-hour DVR for a price of $69.99 a month. The only problem is that it can only be viewed on two screens at a time as compared to three for YouTube TV. You can also upgrade to unlimited screens,  with an extra price tag of $9.99.

  • FuboTV:

Fubo’s has a standard plan that costs $64.99, along with 250 hours of DVR space, and allows content to be viewed on 3 screens at once.

  • AT&T TV Now:

 Coming in at $55, this service is the best deal for someone who wants local networks and major cable channels. The Plus package has an extra 45+ channels and can be viewed on 3 screens along with a 500-hour DVR. Unfortunately, it has been made unavailable for new subscribers. It is still available to already present subscribers. AT&T now offers AT&T TV with features like 65+ channels, no annual contract, and no hidden fees. It starts at a price of $69.99 a month plus taxes. 

  • Sling TV:

 If you are on a budget, Sling is the best option. This service has two options: Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Sling Blue and Sling Orange currently come at about $35 a month. Blue is considered a better deal because it allows viewing on three screens as compared to one for Orange. You can combine both together for $50 and that will allow you to watch on up to four screens at once. It gives you a free 50-hour DVR. 

  • Philo:

In this service, at $20, you get 60 channels that are allowed to be viewed on up to 3 devices at once. It comes with an unlimited DVR, but shows can be saved for 30 days only. Even after all its offers, it is not well suited for everyone because it does not come with any sports or news offerings.