Get the list of top paid channels on Roku available with a subscription

By Manisha Sharma in Channels - December 6, 2021

Watched all the quality free content already? Well, it happens all the time. Watching TV gives a great break from the chaos of life. It not only lightens up the moods but also relaxes the body. This is merely because people like to not work while watching their favorite channels. In this article, we have brought the list of the 50 best channels to watch on your Roku devices. As a matter of fact, all the channels are great and have their own best shows. So, get ready to know about the paid channels on Roku.  

Here is the list of the top 20 paid channels on Roku

Kids and family paid channels on Roku

  1. Noggin

It is the most trusted kids’ show for your children. Fill their days with lots of fun and enjoy with noggin. It mostly has characters from Nick Jr.

  1. Dove Channel

This is a great family channel if you are ready to pay for it. Get wholesome TV shows and movies to watch. These include shows like Highway to Heaven, Heartland, etc.

  1. Hopster

Get children to learn from a very young age in a funny way with this channel. It is filled with songs, books, and learning shows all related to kids’ learning.

  1. Faith & Family-Friendly Entertainment

This is another great TV channel to watch with the whole family. If you buy it now, you can also get an offer of paying only 99c/mo. for 2 months. However, be sure to check all the criteria beforehand.

Movies and TV channels on Roku

  1. Screambox

If you are looking for a channel that can give all kinds of thrill and terror fun, this is the channel for you. Watch content related to Zombies, Underground, Psychological, etc.

  1. ScreenPix

ScreenPix is absolutely dedicated to the streaming of movies and hidden gems. This is a great channel for having movie marathons with friends.

  1. AMC+ 

Get all the extras of the AMC channel with AMC+. This channel offers the best of IFC, BBC America, Shudder, Sundance, etc. All you need is to purchase a subscription to this channel.

  1. BET+ 

This is a great channel to know about the Black Culture. It airs content from Black creators and tells their stories in the form of movies, shows, documentaries, etc.

  1. Sundance Now 

This is brought by the AMC Network only. This is a great channel to watch the abundance of original shows and stories across the globe. These include true crime, dramas, thrillers, etc.

  1. Lifetime Movie Club 

As the name suggests, this channel is a storehouse of movies that are classic lifetime films. You can enjoy all these without any ads.

  1. Hallmark Movies Now

It is a very popular channel and known for its movies and shows. On this channel, you can enjoy some of its best series and movies.

  1. IFC Unlimited

Another one of the paid channels on Roku provides quality and award-winning movies.

  1. Shudder 

It is sometimes called the Netflix of Horror. Watch horrifyingly amazing horror movies and series on this channel.

  1. Topic

Looking for a channel dedicated to crime-related content? Well, this channel is your destination.

  1. Pantaya 

Watch all the amazing content in the Spanish language on this channel. This is an exclusive channel for Spanish content. 

  1. ALLBLK 

This is a place for watching original series, black cinema, independent films, and etc. all on one channel.

  1. Shout! Factory TV

Get all the cult and classic movies and TV shows that are responsible for shaping today’s pop culture.

  1. CONtv

This is the destination for science-fiction, anime, fantasy, cult cinema, horror, grindhouse, originals, and con coverage content.

  1. Fandor Spotlight

This channel is a collection of some of the best movies and documentaries to binge-watch.

  1. Hi-YAH!

This is the destination for watching Asian TV series and action movies.

Some other channels to watch on the Roku device with a subscription:

Here are some other worth mentioning channels. These belong to various categories. You can select any of them after knowing their details from the official Roku website.

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Netflix
  3. HBO Max
  4. Innovative language
  5. Kids game pack
  6. History TV
  7. FitFusion
  8. Docurama
  9. Demand Africa
  10. Viewster Anime
  11. True Royalty
paid channels on Roku

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are the top Music channels on Roku?

A- Roku has some very dedicated channels to the musical taste of individuals. All these channels serve an almost similar purpose but a little different taste. On these channels, you can enjoy music and songs without any interference by commercials, enjoy karaoke songs, concerts songs, songs of Taylor Swift, The Eagles, The Beatles, Beyoncé, Queen, Royal Opera House, Balletboyz, etc. Some of the paid channels on Roku for music are:

1. Marquee TV
2. Baeble Music
3. Qello Concerts
4. Stingray Karaoke

Q- What are some of the Premium Selection channels?

A- The Roku also provides some of the premium paid channels on Roku. These channels have some exclusive shows and series to watch. On these channels, you can enjoy all their content without any restrictions. All you need is to purchase their subscription. These include:

1. Cinemax
2. EPIX  

Q- Are there any channels on Roku to learn and discover new facts every day?

A- Yes, there are numerous channels on the Roku device which are solely dedicated to the purpose of learning and discovering new things. These are included in the paid channels on Roku and can be found under the Learn and discover category. On these channels, you can find worth watching documentaries and movies. Some of these are:

1. CuriosityStream
2. A&E crime central
3. MagellanTV
4. Fox Nation 

Q- Are there any International channels on Roku?

A- Roku also provides some of the best and diversifies international channels. Some of these are:

1. AcornTV
Get to watch award-winning shows and dramas directly from Britain on this channel. At the same time, get to watch other shows like mysteries, comedies, etc. too.

2. BritBox
This is another international channel that provides British TV shows and movies on Roku devices.

Q- What are the paid live channels on the Roku devices?

A- These include:

Sling TV
Hulu + Live TV