Install & Stream Shaw BlueCurve TV on Roku

By Madhuri Patoju in Activation - June 1, 2022

Imagine a scenario where you are out holidaying with your friends. You have the best environment, the cold winter breeze, the best games to play around, the best food, an apartment that has the best facilities, and an overall amazing experience. Sounds fun, right? Having the access to all these different kinds of entertainment only results in you enjoying every bit of it. Now consider a setup where you get all sorts of entertainment in a single place. From Live channels to drama shows, from sports to heart-breaking shows. An amalgamation of everything fun and exciting in a single place. Isn’t that the best way to entertain yourself? Shaw BlueCurve TV on Roku does just that for you and allows you to watch your favorite content from all over the world on a single platform.

What is the BlueCurve TV App?

The BlueCurve TV App is an over-the-top streaming platform that allows you to download or stream a variety of content when connected to any kind of internet facility(Cellular network, wifi, etc). You can be at the comfort of your home or be traveling to any place, or just simply catching a break after an important task, if you have a stable connection, you can watch your favorite shows anytime. Not just this, you can also download the content on the pp to watch it later on. You can connect through your own wifi, or your cellular network, or also use the Shaw go wifi. This offers a complete package for any individual and ensures never-ending entertainment.

Features of Shaw BlueCurve TV App on Roku

  • Customers on Shaw BlueCurve can easily download new recordings on the go.
  • Searching is made easier with a categorized searching list.
  • History is more organized than ever and has up to a year of collection. 
  • Keeping your kids safe has just gotten a lot easier with the advanced parental controls. 
  • The download to go function allows up to 5 devices per account and you can now stream upto 2 devices per account, simultaneously. 
  • Movie ratings from trusted sources like Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster are also available on Shaw BlueCurve TV.

Content available on Shaw BlueCurve TV App

There’s a variety of things you can do on the Shaw BlueCurve TV App on Roku. Mentioned below are some of the contents available for you to watch on the app.

  • About 80 live channels: A variety of live TV channels to stream and watch.
  • Plethora of on-demand titles: BlueCurve TV App allows you to surf through its vast library of available content.
  • Live sports on the go: Sportsnet and TSN content are easily available to stream different sports in one app.
  • All-in-one content aggregation: A visual connector that integrates customer TV subscriptions (including Crave) into one convenient location, which means you can find and watch the TV programs and movies you want without having to remember which network, and channel number or platform they are originally aired on.

Subscription Plans:

Shaw Direct has come up with a lot of different plans that you can choose from. The plans are:

  • Limited TV covers all basic local channels. You can also broadcast on TV using the BlueCurve TV app. Multi-Receiver payment is an extra that has been added. The plan costs around $25.00 per month.
  • Extra Small TV has all the amazing features of Limited TV, adding to which it has five additional channels of your liking, totaling to 10 channels. In addition, new customers can receive up to $ 450 on hardware rental credits. The plan costs around $69.99 per month for the first year, and after the first year, it costs $74 a month.
  • The small TV covers all the features of Extra Small TV and five additional channels you like, making a total of 15 channels. The plan totals to $80 a month for the first year, and after a year, it costs $90 a month.
  • Medium TV inculcates all the available features of Small TV and the addition of 15 channels of your choice, making a total of 30 channels. It allows you to access channels at different time intervals via Timeshift. You can also make a choice from the Hollywood Suite or World and Adventure. The plan costs about $90 a month for the first year, and after a year, it costs about $105 a month.
  • The Total TV includes all the features of all the plans with the addition of 47 channels of your choice, making a total of 77 channels. The plan totals $105 a month for the first year, and after a year, it costs around $130 a month.

Creating a Shaw ID

To view and experience the amazement that is Shaw BlueCurve TV App on Roku, you need to first create a Shaw ID. In order to create a Shaw ID, follow the given steps:

  1. Open your browser and enter
  2. Select Register Now and then on the Create Shaw ID page, fill in your email address and password and click on Create your Shaw ID.
  3. Fill in your Shaw Account Number and Postal Code for verification and then click on Create your Shaw ID.
  4. An email from shaw direct will be automatically sent to you. Open that email and click on Activate Now. This will activate your shaw ID. You will receive an email from Shaw Direct. Go to that email and select Activate Now to activate your Shaw ID
  5. You have your own Shaw ID.

Stream Shaw BlueCurve TV App on Roku

As Shaw BlueCurve TV is not directly available on Roku devices, the screen mirroring option is the only way to stream BlueCurve on your Roku by casting contents from other devices to your Roku device. The devices for this are:

  • Smartphone
  • PC

Please ensure that the Screen Mirroring option is switched on on your Roku before you cast the contents from other devices. If it hasn’t been set yet, you need to set up screen mirroring. 

Setting up Screen Mirroring on Roku?

To set up screen mirroring on your Roku, follow the mentioned steps:

  1. Select home on your Roku Remote to go to the home screen.
  2. From your home screen, select the Settings option.
  3. From here, choose the System option under Settings.
  4. Now select screen mirroring.
  5. Select Screen Mirroring mode and then choose either prompt or always allow option which allows screen mirroring on Roku.

Doing this sets up screen mirroring on Roku.

Stream Shaw BlueCurve TV App on Roku Using your Smartphone?

Streaming Shaw BlueCurve TV App on Roku is now a piece of cake as it is also the final step before you can easily watch and enjoy the platform. To stream the BlueCurve app, follow the given steps:

  1. On your smartphone, open play store.
  2. Search for Shaw BlueCurve TV and choose the desired result.
  3. Now download and install the Shaw BlueCurve TV app on your mobile device.
  4. Choose the Screen Mirroring option from the notification panel.
  5. Search for your Roku device in the list of available devices and select ok.
  6. The smartphone now mirrors everything on your mobile to the roku device.
  7. Open the Shaw BlueCurve TV app and use your shaw credentials to login.
  8. You can now easily watch movies and shows of your liking on the app.