Redbox adds free streaming video to Redbox Channel on Roku

By Om Shukla in Channels - February 16, 2022

Do you want to watch some new shows that will entertain you for all the time you want? Do you want to do that without getting a deep hole in your pocket? Then we have a perfect alternative for you. You would love the shows that Redbox has added for free streaming video on demand to the Redbox channel on Roku. In this article, we will tell you about all these shows and then also tell you how to directly watch them on your Roku Device.

What is Redbox?

Redbox believes that they are on a mission to serve their customers a variety of choices in the form of new release movies and entertainment with many ways of watching them at the most affordable prices. Redbox has recently expanded its digital streaming services, in addition to its national footprint of about 40,000 entertainment kiosks, hence serving 40 million customers while creating a multi-platform, multi-product entertainment experience. They are also growing Redbox Entertainment, which is their original movie and distribution arm. It brings fresh and never-seen-before content to its customers.

When Redbox was initially introduced to the public, it was just a novel and revolutionary in the way that it tried to change the way people would rent movies. Instead of wasting time browsing through the selections at a physical movie or video rental store, customers would now have the option of finishing everything online which includes registration and selecting their favorite movie and video game titles that they would want to watch. It saved Americans who are said to be fond of renting movies and games for a lot of money because it’s a lot more expensive than any other type of rental available on the market presently.

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Redbox makes sure that all titles available for rent are appropriately licensed and legal to rent for viewing at home. Even though it takes time, they’re completely punctual when it comes to securing the rights of all the titles to be shown, as soon as they are released. That is great news for people who want to view a new release but don’t feel like paying the high fees for watching it in theaters or for paying for it on Pay-per-view or buying some other streaming service that charges a high fee.

Redbox is best known for the red kiosks available for renting DVDs and Blu-rays, but the newly added free streaming and its digital rental service now allows the company to connect to customers who may not find a kiosk in their area or don’t own a DVD or Blu-ray player.

Did Redbox add free streaming video on demand to its Roku channel?

Redbox launched a free linear TV that was supported by advertisements along with a movie streaming earlier service this year. Redbox has now brought free streaming video on demand to Redbox Channel on Roku and other platforms. The “Free On Demand” service is available on Roku in the already existing Redbox Roku channel. On this channel, you will also be able to find Redbox’s Free Live TV and ad-free movies and TV shows that are ready to be rented à la carte.

Free Redbox titles can be found in more than a dozen traditional genres such as Action, Comedy, Horror, and Romance. Films available include recent releases like Possessor from 2020 and The Call of The Wild from 2020. It also has older classics that include Stephen King’s The Dead Zone from 1983, Pet Sematary from 1989, and E.T. the Extraterrestrial from 1982. 

Redbox has reportedly promised that they will add hundreds of new titles every week, so just check frequently if you don’t find anything of your interest right now.

Redbox Free On Demand right now is available on Roku, iOS and Android mobile devices, Android TV, and Vizio TVs. The service is soon expected to be available on LG, Xbox, Samsung, Google Chromecast, and other platforms.

The selection in Free On Demand lacks some of the big blockbusters and classics that you might expect from a streaming service, but there are a few notable cult hits. You can currently watch director Rian Johnson’s second film The Brothers Bloom, a dubbed version of the cyberpunk anime Ghost in the Shell, and Kicking and Screaming, the feature debut of Noah Baumbach.

Redbox’s service has joined several other free streaming options like Pluto TV and Tubi in a market that is quite competitive. Other than a simple connection to Redbox’s brand name, there is no clear difference between Free On Demand and any other streamer supported by commercials. But if you have the Redbox app already, you would have a new place for free content.

How to install Redbox on Roku

  1. Firstly, Turn on your Roku. 
  1. Click the Home button on your Roku remote.
  1. Scroll to the search option from the Roku menu.
  1. Search by entering Redbox in the search bar with your Roku remote.
  1. Select the Add channel option to add Redbox. 
  1. When the channel gets added, Click on Go to channel or just open Redbox from your channel list.
  1. You can now watch live TV or rent/buy whatever you like on Roku.

How to activate Redbox on your Roku?

  1. Open the Redbox. Channel you just added on your Roku device.
  1. Select the Sign up/Sign in button below the channel name.
  1. Take a note of the activation code that is appearing on the screen.
  1. From another device like your smartphone or PC, visit the official site of Redbox.
  1. Enter the activation code in the given field.
  1. Select the continue and login option with your Redbox account.
  2. Your Redbox channel has successfully been activated on your Roku.