Guide to Install Mobdro on Roku | Mobdro Installation Guide 2022

By Om Shukla in Channels - April 1, 2022

The world is an ever-evolving place, with dramatically small and minuscule changes happening every second, which shape the world into something completely different from what it was a few moments ago. The OTT(over-the-top) revolution is one such change that happened gradually and then suddenly and has taken the whole world by storm. Catering to every age group with a variety of content, suiting all genders, and every grouping possible, OTT is a revolution no one has anything against, as it made everything much more accessible and fun, too. With the emergence of such needs from every individual for high-quality content and a wide horizon of options, several platforms have emerged, making sure that the users, the viewers, are never disappointed.

One such initiative is Mobdro, which promises to be an umbrella that covers all the content from various sources in one place and makes it accessible even more for everyone. Mobdro on Roku has garnered humongous attention for a while now and continues to do so, being the free streaming platform that has almost everything from all the sources possible. 

Mobdro on Roku is a fresh and great alternative to all the paid streaming services available elsewhere. It boasts of having a user-friendly interface, and no-cost streaming, that attracts a huge crowd to watch their favorite shows and new content via Mobdro. Mobdro earns via the ads it shows when you’re streaming. It also lets you buy a premium version for an ad-free experience, more of which is mentioned later in the article.

Mobdro has in-built categorization of different sects, like news, music, TV shows, movies, and more. Choose one of your likings and just go ahead and select the category, which then opens the list of all available videos for the same category. You will be pleasantly shocked to see the amount of content Mobdro has, considering it is a free streaming app. With its content ranges from classic shows like Better Call Saul to Live News Channels. From showing legendary sitcoms to sports channels. It indeed acts as an umbrella of content that excites literally everyone.

Mobdro is also a very efficient app when it comes to storage, as you can escape the hassle of installing and downloading a large number of apps to watch varied content, instead of which you can simply install Mobdro and enjoy your experience. With a very basic application size, it doesn’t hamper the performance of your smartphone, either.

With almost everything going in its favor, there certainly are some drawbacks that Mobdro as a platform faces; One of the major ones being its unavailability on Roku as a direct app. To watch Mobdro on Roku, you need to undergo a different set of steps and use the screen mirroring option, which is the only way that one can watch Mobdro on Roku.

Features of Mobdro:

  • A free to use video streaming application
  • Different and multiple languages and topics are supported on Mobdro
  • Videos are also available in High Definition
  • Download, or rather, screen record feature is available for Mobdro
  • Sleep Timer feature that basically turns off the application after a certain time period
  • The video recommendation to friends feature is a very simple and efficient feature
  • You can also bookmark a video on Mobdro
  • Sorting of the videos on the basis of factors like topic, languages, category, etc is possible
  • In-built categorization of videos

Along with these many features that are literally designed for prime user comfort, it also has frequent app updates, to constantly enhance and improve the experience for every user.

These features coupled with the comfort of the premium version feature, save and watch later option, dark mode, no log-in viewing experience, and live TV and sports feature make Mobdro on Roku the best, too.

Mobdro on Roku

With some of the best features available for any application that is actually free of cost, Mobdro has its own limitations. One of the major ones, as already mentioned, is that it’s only available for Android devices, with OS version 4.4 or above. So officially, Mobdro isn’t available on Roku for viewing. But there’s a “hack” or a way that Mobdro itself provides with which you can watch Mobdro on Roku. You can not add, install or download Mobdro to your Roku, but you can definitely use screen mirroring for the same via your android device and enjoy all the benefits of Mobdro on Roku.

To screencast your android device to your Roku, and enjoy Mobdro on Roku, follow this set of straightforward, simple steps.

  1. The first step is connecting your android phone and Roku streaming device to a single internet connection.
  2. On your Roku device, go to the settings menu. 
  3. Now here, select the screen mirror option. This will open a dialog box.
  4. The dialog box asks for screen mirroring modes, where you need to select either the “prompt” option or the “always allow” option. 
  5. This enables the screen mirroring mode.
  6. Now, on your smartphone, open the settings option.
  7. Go to security.
  8. Search for the option “Allow installation from unknown sources” and enable it.
  9. Visit, the official Mobdro website on your smartphone’s browser.
  10. Now, you need to download and install the apk of the Mobdro app on your device. (Make sure that your android device OS version is 4.4 or above for Mobdro to function.
  11. After the app gets installed, launch the app.
  12. Now, from the navigation panel, choose the cast option.
  13. This results in the smartphone and TV getting paired and hence, you will be able to watch Mobdro on Roku without any trouble.

Mobdro packages:

Mobdro is available in two different versions across the globe. It is divided into a free and a paid version. More details on the same are given ahead:

  • Freemium Version: This is the basic, free-to-use version that lets you stream your favorite content for free, but in exchange for ads, through which it generates its revenue. This is a more widely used package as it is free, and the amount of advertisements is not jarring for a normal user.
  • Premium Version: The premium version for Mobdro is just an ad-free option to the classic Mobdro app. It has all the same features with some added benefits like no ads, and other casting options. It finds its market in people who don’t have any time for advertisements and prefer blockage-free, continuous entertainment. The premium version for Mobdro costs €2.99 per year and can be availed easily on the Mobdro official website.