How to activate CNNgo on Roku using activation code at

By Staff Writer in Channels - November 24, 2021

Looking for a channel that will keep updated 24hrs? Well, we have found one such channel for you. In this article, we will tell you about the steps to activate CNN on Roku using the activation URL- OR Roku is a very popular media streaming device. There is an ever-increasing need for channel activation steps on Roku. So, here we are! Together we will know about the activation steps and some features of the CNNgo app. Actually, to watch CNN on Roku, one will have to save the CNNgo app on the Roku device. This app enables viewers to access all the content of CNN on their streaming devices without paying for cable TV.

What is CNNgo?

The CNN or Cable News Network is a prime American news-providing channel. The channel has been catering to the needs of individuals ever since it took birth. It was founded in the year 1980 by Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld. As a matter of fact, it was the first-ever 24 hours news coverage channel. It is a unit of WarnerMedia News & Sports.

The CNNgo is the online streaming platform while enables users to watch the content of CNN channel without cable. Originally, the CNN channel was a cable TV channel. However, with the popularity and need of the hour, they decided to let viewers access CNN content without a cable connection. For this, this app was made. It basically, live streams the content of the CNN channel on online streaming devices like Roky, Firestick, Apple TV, etc.

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Why activate CNN on Roku?- Features of CNNgo

  • Get all the content of the CNN channel on your TV without paying for cable.
  • Quality watching experience with amazing video quality, on-demand library, and more control.
  • With this app, one can watch all the content of CNN, HLN, and CNNi.
  • Get an opportunity to watch CNN originals at any time with CNNgo. These include series, movies, etc.
  • Preview available for all Live shows, On-demand shows each day.

Watch and activate CNN on Roku at with quick but detailed steps

The process to watch and activate CNN on Roku is not very complicated. As a matter of fact, watching CNN live on Roku is much more affordable than watching it on cable TV. When it comes to monthly expenditure, there is a vast difference in what people pay for watching CNN on Roku and on cable TV. So, we have finally made up our minds to watch CNN on Roku. For this, you will, definitely, a Roku device, internet connection, another device with internet like mobile phone, the CNN activation code, and the activation URL- OR Now, let’s start the process quickly.

  • The first step is pretty basic and quite important. You will have to connect your device properly such that there are no loose connections. Now, switch on the power supply and wait for the TV to switch on.
  • Take the Roku remote control and look for the Home button. Press the button to launch the Home Screen on your TV. There you will have to look for Streaming Channel options.
  • Once, you locate the Streaming Channel option, select it. This will open the Channel Store. It is here where all the apps and channels can be found on Roku.
  • Now, find the CNNgo app/ channel under appropriate fields. You can try funding under the news-related category.
  • However, if you do not want to spend hours looking for the channel, we totally get you. So, to avoid this never-ending search, use the Search Channels options alternatively.
  • You can find the option on the Streaming Channel screen. Click on it and wait for a while. There you will see a box to enter the channel name using the virtual keyboard.
  • Type the channel name/ app name carefully. Sometimes initials of the name also work. Now, select the channel from the search results and tap on it.
  • Once, you have found the channel, you will have to save the channel on your Roku device. For this click on the ADD CHANNEL option beside the channel name and continue.
  • This will do nothing extraordinary, but download and install the app/ channel on the device.
  • Once, the process is finished, you can see a GO TO CHANNEL option. Tap on it to launch the channel. If prompted, sign in and continue.
  • There you will see the CNN activation code shown on the screen. You have to remember this code for future use.
  • Now, you will move to the second phase of the activation. For this, you need your mobile phone/ tablet/ any other device, stable internet, and activation URL- OR
  • Take the device and launch any web browser. In the search field, type the activation URL- OR
  • On the OR webpage, you will see an option asking for an activation code. Select your device that is Roku. Sign in using TV provider login details if asked. Fill in the code carefully and submit it.
  • Now, your CNN channel is completely activated on your TV for giving you the best of news and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not able to activate the channel?

This issue can arise if you are entering the wrong activation code. Be careful when you enter the code and cross-check it with the code visible on the screen.

Do I have to pay for watching CNN on Roku?

As a matter of fact, CNNgo is free on Roku. You will not have to pay any additional amount to watch the channel on Roku.

Where else can I watch CNN?

One can watch the CNN channel on Apple TV, FireStick, and other online streaming media platforms. The activation steps are mostly similar.

Can I watch the CNN channel without a cable connection?

Yes, absolutely! One can easily watch the CNN channel without worrying about a cable connection. All you will need is a streaming platform that has CNNgo on it.