How to install and add Blaze TV on Roku?

By Om Shukla in Channels - February 26, 2022

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of our lives. Over the years, shows on television have been a very good source of entertainment but up recently they have been on a decline with the rise of OTT platforms. This leaves some of us wanting to watch the same kind of TV shows that we are used to watching on-demand. This has been made possible by platforms like Blaze TV. In this article, we will talk about Blaze TV and how it can be added and activated on your very own Roku Device.

What is Blaze TV

Blaze Media is one of America’s largest independent media companies. It has a combined reach of over 165 million shows each month. with digital products on-demand, podcasts, social media, and other digitally distributed publishing assets and channels. It does not require any subscription to be taken and can easily be added to your Roku. You can easily pick any plan that suits you best, and watch on all of your favorite devices like your Roku for only $9.99 a month. You can also avail of big discounts when you choose to pay for a long-term plan. In all, there are three types of subscriptions that are

  • The Monthly Pass: 

This would cost you $9.99 for a month that can be paid month to month with no contract that binds you.

  • Annual Pass: 

This would cost $8.25 for a month which is billed annually at $99. You would get 2 months free if you take this plan.

  • 3-Year Pass:

This would Cost a significantly lesser monthly rate at about $5.53 per month. You just have to pay them one time an amount of $199 and you would be good to go for three years.

Most Popular Shows on Blaze TV

  • The Curse of Oak Island:

It is a show filled with clues that help solve a great mystery.

  • Pawn Stars:

It is one of the most popular shows on the platform. It is about a family that owns a pawn shop and tracks how the items that are sold in it got there with the detailed stories of all of them.

  • Forged in Fire

It shows the heat of the competition and creativity involved when top-level bladesmiths are pitted against each other.

  • Ancient Aliens

This show tries to open your mind to other explanations about unexplained phenomena around the globe.

  • Storage Wars

This show shows the stories of entrepreneurs who go about turning trash into cash by buying storage units that have been abandoned for a long time.

  • Wicked Tuna

It is a show where people compete to grab the spot of the person who brought home the biggest catch from the waters.

  • UFO files

This show has the best selection of episodes that try to understand and decode the unanswered and unidentified occurrences.  

 Features of Blaze Tv on Roku :

  • Free to use

When downloaded, the app is completely free to install and would only charge you if you end up taking their plans.

  • New episodes added every day

Completely new and never seen before shows are added on a daily basis which will never let you be bored again.

  • BLAZE live 

You also have the option of watching some amount of content in the app live whenever you feel like it.

How to install Blaze TV on Roku?

Now that you are convinced to add Blaze TV to your own Roku, we will tell you how to do just that. It is a pretty standard procedure just like adding any other channel that you watch on Roku.

  1. First and Foremost, Connect the Roku device to your TV through the HDMI port and switch it ON.
  1. Open the Home screen simply by clicking on the Home button on the Roku remote.
  1. Once the Home Screen is opened, you will have to navigate to the Streaming Channels option which is easily accessible.
  1. In the Streaming Channels menu, select the Search Channels option.
  1. Type in Blaze TV by using the virtual on-screen keyboard and click on search for channel.
  1. Now, among the other options,  select the Blaze TV channel from the search list.
  1. In the page that gives the details of the app, click on the Add Channel option.
  1. Click Ok when the pop-up appears for confirmation.
  1. The Blaze Tv channel will be added after some buffering. 
  1. To launch the app, Choose the Go to Channel option present in the same page of your device.

How to Sign-up on Blaze TV?

In order to watch your favorite content, you will have to make an account in the Blaze TV app and activate it. The steps to that are given below:

  1. Launch the just downloaded Blaze TV channel on your Roku device.
  1. In the Home screen of Blaze TV, a lot of options like Live events, shows, and recent episodes are available that are shown on the screen.
  1. Choose any content that you would like to stream on your TV.
  1. Now,  a prompt will appear on the screen that will say “Please login to Continue”.
  1. Click on the Sign up option given on the screen to create a new Blaze TV account for yourself .
  1. After that, the Blaze TV subscription options will appear, select the one that suits you best.
  1. you will be required to confirm your billing method at this step.
  1. Once you get done with creating your Blaze TV account, you will be ready to stream all the Blaze TV content on your Roku.
  1. In case you already have a Blaze TV account, just click Login and enter the already registered username and password on the Blaze Network
  1. Go on and watch all of your favorite content.